Prof. Dai Wanyang
Prof. Dai Wanyang
Nanjing University, China
Title: The mobile quantum-cloud-computing based future internet with AI and Blockchain
We model the hardware and software architecture for the future internet and generalized Internet of Things (IoT) by quantum cloud-computing and blockchain. To reduce the measurement error and increase the efficiency of quantum entanglement (i.e., the capability of fault tolerance) in the current quantum computers and quantum communications, we design a quantum-computing chip by modeling it as a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) quantum channel and obtain its channel capacity via our recently derived mutual information formula. To capture the internal qubit data flow dynamics of the channel, we model it via a deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) with generalized stochastic pooling in terms of resource-competition among different quantum eigenmodes or users. The pooling is corresponding to a resource allocation policy with two levels of competitions as in cognitive radio: the first one is on users' selection in a ``win-lose" manner; the second one is on resource-sharing among selected users in a ``win-win" manner. The effectiveness of our policy is proved by diffusion modeling with theory and numerical examples.
Wanyang Dai is a distinguished professor in China based Nanjing University and received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in USA. He is the current President & CEO of U.S. based (Quantum-Computing & Blockchain) SIR Forum (Industrial 6.0 Forum), President of Jiangsu Probability & Statistical Society in China, Chairman of Jiangsu Big Data-Blockchain and Smart Information Special Committee in China. He was an MTS and principal investigator in U.S. based AT&T Bell Labs (currently Nokia Bell Labs) with some project won “Technology Transfer” now called cloud system. He published numerous influential papers and received various academic awards. He has presented around 40 keynote/plenary speeches in IEEE/ACM and other international conferences. He has been serving as an editor-in-chief or an editorial board member for various international journals.